Our company has achieved after continuous research to build a modern and refined group of boxes for rolling shutters with an excellent finish that meets modern requirements for energy savings while providing security, functionality and reliability.

The rolls are under hand (belt or crank) or electric mechanisms (ordinary and remotely).

We still have the ability to put leaves stuffed with polyurethane or leaves of extruded profiles (heavy duty).

The boxes of our rolls depending on the needs of each house can be straight or oval.

The novelty of these roles is to select the box pvc (3 +1) that is all three sides of the box are pvc and outer side (front) of aluminum and the aluminum wing wizard clad with German foil of renolit. In selecting external clock all sides of the box and the drivers are lined. In this way we achieve better thermal, acoustic and naturally flawless aesthetics.

Aluminium Rolls Categories