Petranis company founded in 1950 by Ioannis Petranis. The first store appeared in the center of Kalambaka at Ioanninon 15 Street, as mall shop of a few square meters. A few years later moved to a new larger space of 1000m2 on the ring road Kalambakas-Ioanninon (an anant-garde shop for this period), when the object was generally selling building materials. There we stayed for about 30 years. The last 15 years, with the entrance to the administration of the second generation, stepping on the foundations laid by its founder, the company developed further procceeding in reorganizing of administration in modern standards. On the basis of past, innovation and teamwork were added. So in 1990 the company moved to 3d-klm.Kalampakas Trikalon Rd where it remains untill today. With showroom spaces over 5000m2 and buildings of a total area of ​​40.000m2. In 1995 a sector of kitchen furniture and wardrobes was developed, as well as a sector of interior doors, expanding the range of our products. At the same time we expanded the number of resellers throughout Greece with over 30 window selling points. In 2000 founded Apopsis by Petranis where we passed to the construction of exterior doors and windows. A factory based on modern technology and technical perfection. The production of profiles we use, is subject to constant supervision from local and international Institutes with ecological responsibility and 100% recyclable materials and uniquely written guarantees of 15 years. In other words, technology for demanding! In 2004, the company upgraded its computer system and new sections were created:

Α) Building contractors department with a special program “obligations writing,,

Β) Special projects department

C) Houses - areas accessible to all

Our successful route is also confirmed by our distinction for 3 cotinguous years 2006-2007-2008, as one of the “Diamond,, companies in Industry and Trade. Finally it is worth to be mentioned that the company has been honored by top houses in Greece and abroad as “the best dealer of the year,,.


Our mission is to offer high quality products, always taking into account the relation of quality and price.

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